Music Mondays: “Fall Back” by A.Leean

Here’s our first post for the series of Music Mondays!

The purpose of Music Mondays is to explore and discover different genres of music as well as new (and old) artists.

For this week’s Music Mondays, we’ll be listening to Fall Back by A.Leean

Listen here:

First things first, let’s get some background on the artist!

A.Leean is a Korean female artist that is making her debut as an artist in the U.S. with this single. In Korea, she is known as “Ailee” and is regarded as a phenomenal singer with powerful vocals. She is signed with Westside Entertainment for her U.S. debut and this single was released on January 18 of this year, making this song quite recent but not yet catching onto the mainstream yet.

The vocals in this song are quite remarkable with its clarity. Not only does her voice have an aspect of clarity in it (heard especially during the chorus) but her voice is slightly husky during the verses – all displaying that this singer truly is versatile and talented.

In addition to her amazing vocals, the instrumental is quite similar to popular music in the U.S. (and clubbing music), making this song even more ear-catching. This song is something that would usually be heard on the radio and definitely has the potential to become popular in the U.S.

In addition to the catchy beats and amazing vocals, the lyrics of the song deliver a beautiful message of fighting for love even during the rough patches in relationships. The lyric video aids in emphasizing this message to its audience with an comic-like animations and even having its own story line in the video.

While the lyrics are slightly repetitive (because the human ear naturally catches on to repetition and keeps it locked in the brain – which composers use to their advantage), there is more plot development in the lyrics itself than most popular songs in the U.S. do.

Unfortunately, by the looks of it, A.Leean did not have a very successful U.S. debut but this song certainly is a start! Take a listen – the instrumental and amazing vocals are a bit of a breather from the heavy instrumentals that we’re used to hearing on the radio.


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