Music Mondays: “When We Say” By AJ Rafael

For this week’s Music Mondays, we’ll be listening to When We Say by AJ Rafael.

Listen here:

Just a few notes about the artist:

AJ Rafael originated as a Youtube artist who has released an album and two EPs within the past 10 years after kick-starting his Youtube career. He has been known for contributing to charity and has also toured internationally as well.

Although he is a rather well-known Youtube artist within the Asian American community, AJ Rafael is still one of those underrated artists that many do not know but have so much potential as an artist. He is quite creative in his covers of popular songs and is quite musically talented.

Aside from the amazing music video that was produced by WongFu Productions, the song seems to be pretty good. The lyrics have quite a heartbreaking yet heartfelt message about the girl he is singing to – something that is quite different from most songs of today. The lyrics talk about loving a girl who belongs to someone else but is willing to let her go and hope that she is being treated right in that relationship.

With more of a rock-feel in this version of the song, the instrumental is simple enough to not be too overpowering on the ears and are pleasant to lay back and enjoy. AJ Rafael’s vocals are certainly different from what we’re used to hearing on the radio since it’s much huskier than most male solo artists in the music industry, giving a eyebrow-raising twist to the listener’s ear when they first hear it.


There is an acoustic version of this song! There’s less bass and drum set in this one, and even AJ Rafael’s singing style slightly changes in this one! In addition, the contrasting husky voice of AJ Rafael and clear, smooth voice of Andrew De Torres can be more clearly heard in this recording.


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