Music Mondays: “Lemonade” by Jeremy Passion

The featured song on this week’s Music Mondays is Lemonade by Jeremy Passion!

Listen here:

Just a few notes on the artist:

Jeremy Passion Manongdo is a singer, songwriter, and producer in San Francisco and became a Youtube artist and sensation about 10 years ago. He is self-taught in piano, songwriting and guitar. He was one of the first Asian-American to really be viral on Youtube and this is one of his original songs that spurred on his fame. Passion currently has one album out and one EP out as well.

Passion has toured across the world many times and has collaborated with many famous acoustic artists such as Colbie Caillat, Tori Kelly, and Kirk Franklin. Not only does he have such a passion for music making and performing, Passion also has created charity projects and did volunteer work in Ghana.

There are many things that have spurred on the fame of this particular song: the use of the ukulele, the lyrics, the vocalizations, and the quality of Passion’s voice. The lyrics are most definitely heartwarming and have captured the hearts of many female fans.

The use of the ukulele is quite new in the music industry; it’s not that the ukulele has never been used in songs but it is not used often and this song used the ukulele throughout the whole song (there are many songs where the ukulele is only used for a short amount of time). In addition to the use of the ukulele, the vocalizations and quality of Passion’s voice is refreshing and ear-catching in this song. He displays quite a large range and also excellent control of his voice through this song.

Though it’s not an new song, it’s one song that is not heard on the radio due to it being mainly a Youtube song. Jeremy Passion has been quite a hit in the Asian-American community online and I hope that you have been exposed to just a little bit of his music through this post!


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