Music Mondays: “Reelin” by Iration

This week’s Music Mondays is “Reelin” by Iration!

Take a listen here:

Iration is raggae group from California whose members are all originally from Hawaii. Many of their songs are a mix of reggae and rock. They are known to be one of the leading bands in what is called “sunshine reggae”. The band started in 2004 and now have only 4 of the original members (the band has gone through a few changes since 2004 in its membership status). The band has approximately 5 albums and 3 EPs out, and this particular song was released in August 2015. The bad has topped the Billboard Reggae Albums chart a few times, making them certainly popular in the reggae community but unheard of in the mainstream pop community.

This song has a quite the reggae feel to it with a mix of rock. The electric guitar creates the rock feel whereas the keyboard and drums create the reggae feel, and the combination is quite appealing to the ear. It’s a refreshing sound and a beautiful example of how genres that are quite different from each other (both in the musical and social contexts) can come together to create a sound that appeals to multiple audiences.

The vocals are a nice touch to the musical blending that is happening in this song. Though the vocals aren’t too challenging in this song, the amount of lyrics and the speed at which they are sung are the more challenging aspects of this song.

Overall, this song is quite fun to listen to and has its listeners bobbing their heads to the addictive beat and also appreciating the rock feel that the electric guitar brings. This song certainly is entertaining for its listeners but also shows a great example of the blending and mixing of different genres.


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