Music Review: “Paper Hearts” Tori Kelly vs. Leroy Sanchez

This week’s Music Review will be on Tori Kelly’s “Paper Hearts”!

Tori Kelly is a singer and songwriter that has gained much recognition in the Youtube community. She initially started posting covers on Youtube at the age of 14 and then auditioned for American Idol at the age of 16. However, she was eliminated from the show not too long after auditioning. Despite this, she began to work on producing her own music and has released 2 EPs and her debut album as result.

Additionally, Kelly is featured in the animated film Sing that was released in 2016. She voices a shy teenage elephant named Meena.

Kelly’s voice is quite unique voice that has bright timbre that makes this song ear-catching. Her voice in addition with the layering of vocal tracks with an electronic twist in the instrumental make this song quite different from most pop acoustic songs and it certainly stands out. The lyrics in this song are also quite heartfelt and heartbreaking at the same time – making me impressed with Kelly’s songwriting skills.

This song gets a 8.5/10 from me because of the well-blended mix of acoustic and electric layering of vocal tracks along with its heartfelt/heartbreaking lyrics.

Now let’s listen to the cover!

Leroy Sanchez is a Spanish-born singer and songwriter that is based in L.A. He is self-taught in guitar and uploaded his first cover on Youtube at the age of 15. He has since then garnered much attention from the Youtube community. He has released 2 singles and is currently headlining his first international tour titled “The Man of the Year”. His debut album is said to be released sometime this year.

Sanchez has quite a beautiful voice that is clear, smooth, and very powerful as well. The simplicity of the instrumental (piano) emphasizes the timbre of his voice and lets the listener sit back and enjoy this cover. With this cover, because of less emphasis on the instrumental, the song and its lyrics become more powerful as you are able to hear the emotions pulsing through his voice.

This cover gets a 9/10. It’s very well done and heartfelt. His voice almost seems too perfect for this song and he makes good use of it for sure!

Let me know what you guys think of the song and its cover in the comments! Both were equally as good to me, but all opinions are welcomed. 🙂


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