Music Mondays: “Electric Love” by BØRNS

This week’s Music Mondays is Electric Love by Borns!

This song is a bit well-known but isn’t considered to be a part of the mainstream music. You may hear this once in a while on the radio, so there are a few that recognize the sound but don’t know much about this song or its artist (but that’s what this post is for!)

BØRNS is a singer-songwriter (whose full name is Garrett Borns) first released this song in 2015 and gained much recognition and fame for it. He has released 2 EPs and his debut album named Dopamine. He grew up being immersed and well known in the arts and music; he learned magic, received the National Scholastic Art Award in middle school and won a college scholarship to the Kendall College of Art and Design.

His first public performance was at a TEDx event where he performed a variety of songs on his ukulele under the name Garrett Borns. After that event, Borns relocated to L.A. and started producing music there. In his musical career, he has toured, supported popular artists, performed in Lollapalooza, Coachella, and in many other musical festivals.

The song is in an electronic genre yet has a slightly rock feel. It’s quite an interesting sound and is quite addicting and catchy (kind of like what he’s singing about…)

Though the lyrics are a bit questionable (I still haven’t been able to decide whether or not he’s talking about his love or the drug…), the sound of electronic music being combined with rock is new, innovative and quite catchy. It’s definitely a new sound that is starting to come out in today’s mainstream music and will hopefully be catching on with the masses.


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