Music Review: “Sunday Morning” Maroon 5 vs. George Twins

Today’s music review will be Sunday Morning by Maroon 5! It’s a quite a well-known song to most and is considered a classic to many.

Maroon 5 is a pop band that is known for having a wide range of music. From funk rock, dance pop, and pop rock, Maroon 5 has reached the masses with its hit songs. Maroon 5 originally started out as a high school band that progressed to making albums and signing with a company that promoted them quite well. 2002 was where they first hit success within the music industry with their lead songs being played continuously on air. The band in total has released about 8 albums and 9 tours.

Fun fact about Maroon 5: When they first debuted in 1994, they were originally known as “Kara’s Flowers”. However, in 1997, they fortunately changed their name to Maroon 5.

This song is one of those instances of pop rock being fused with a bit of jazz – and it’s very well done. This song has garnered a lot of attention by the public and is quite impressive musically. While most pop songs tend to only linger within 3 chords, this song adds a bit of jazz breakdown in the middle of the song that not only educates its listener on jazz chords but also gives a preview into the jazz realm for listeners that most likely don’t know much about jazz.

The blend of drum set, electric guitar, keyboard, and a saxophone makes for quite a catchy rhythm and memorable melody. This song gets a 9/10 for combining a regular rock band with a jazz instrument and making it work.

Now let’s listen to the cover!

The George Twins are musicians from Nashville that having been making it big on Youtube through posting their covers of pop songs along with their own original songs.

For this cover, the George Twins collaborated with Kurt Schneider who helped create the instrumental and organized the cover. Their voices are quite different from Adam Levine’s (from Maroon 5) voice. Their voices are much huskier and have quite a jazz feel to them. Though there was no jazz breakdown in this cover, the organization of this cover worked well since the song was going for simply a jazz rhythm with an acoustic sound.

This cover gets a 7.5/10. The sounds was great and it worked well – but it just didn’t deliver the jazzy feel that this song is known for. The vocals certainly had a jazzy timbre and the rhythm was slightly jazzy, but it felt like a fusion of acoustic pop and jazz that didn’t blend well together as hoped.


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