Music Mondays: “Intoxicated” by The Cab

This week’s Music Mondays post features “Intoxicated” by The Cab!

(Today is a double post due to not having an access to Internet during spring break).

The Cab is an American rock band from Las Vegas that debuted in 2008. The band originally started with 2 of the members while they were in high school. The band was formed through Youtube – the main guitarist and drummer were scouted through Youtube and asked to join the band by members Alexander DeLeon and Cash Colligan. In 2005, the band was fully formed and they started to play a few shows in Las Vegas. They however did not officially sign with a label until May 2007 and that is when they started to officially release their music to the public.

The band’s style of music has been often described as pop punk, pop rock, alternative rock, and, interestingly enough, power pop. The band has released 3 albums and have gone on many world tours. However, though there has been no official announcement, the band is currently on a break/hiatus since 2014. In 2015, main vocalist Alexander DeLeon announced that he was releasing music as a solo artist, signaling the possibility that The Cab has disbanded or will disband eventually.

This specific song is from their 2nd album Symphony Soldier that was released in 2011. This album specifically was self-released and the band funded the entire album by themselves and left their label. This album itself is quite interesting since 2 of their members left the band about 2 years prior before its release, yet it includes those members being featured in the production of the album. This album also features several guest artist co-writing, such as Adam Levine and Bruno Mars.

This song in particular is a mix of funk and rock as it has the traditional instruments of a rock band but the rhythms give a rather funk feel. The vocal layering add a cool touch to the main vocalist’s singing as it also creates this illusion of multiple sounds at once. The rhythm and beat of this song is quite addicting so even if this isn’t someone’s “cup of tea”, it can’t be denied that the funky vibe that this song gives off is memorable and catchy.


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