Music Mondays: “Little Do You Know” by Alex & Sierra

This week’s Music Mondays is featuring Alex & Sierra!

(I apologize for the delay of this post)

If you guys remember from a few posts ago, we reviewed these two singers in the music review of their cover of “Gravity” by Sara Bareilles.

Alex & Sierra, known for the uniqueness of their voices, were a huge hit on The X Factor‘s third season of the show as they were mentored by the infamous judge Simon Cowell. They have released their debut album titled It’s About Us. The two are dating and on The X Factor, they received much love from all of the judges as well as the audience for their originality of their covers and the quality of their voices.

This song is from their debut album It’s About Us which was released in 2014. A fun fact about this album is that it was written in about 5 days and came to Alex & Sierra quite naturally, despite the fact that they had never written a song before.

This song showcases Alex & Sierra’s voices beautifully as the melodic and harmonic lines they sing complement each other while also showcasing their own talent and quality in their solo parts.

Not only do the vocals sound amazing but the lyrics are quite heartfelt and differ from much of mainstream music lyrics. It’s shocking to believe that these lyrics came from amateur songwriters who had no prior experience of writing lyrics before this album. This song certainly is a great song to kick back to when relaxing!

What do you think of this song? Comment below!


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