Music Review: “Gravity” Sara Bareilles vs. Alex & Sierra

This week’s Music Review will be on “Gravity” by Sara Bareilles and the cover by Alex & Sierra!

Sara Bareilles is a singer and songwriter that is quite popular and well-known in the U.S. She is most known for her song “Love Song” as it was widely popular in 2007 and reached #4 on Billboard Hot 100 chart. Due to the success of this hit, she sold over 1 million albums and 9 million singles in the U.S. alone that year. Bareilles was also a judge on NBC’s 3rd season of The Sing-Off. She also composed music and wrote lyrics for the Broadway musical Waitress and earned a Tony Award as a result.

This song is a beautiful combination of a well-balanced instrumental, heartfelt lyrics and powerful vocals. The addition of the orchestra in the instrumental was great for supporting the powerful vocals and aided quite well in the dynamics of the song. Though there weren’t any huge swooping vocalizations in this song, Bareilles’ vocals certainly shined through in this one.

This song gets a 9/10 from me for its fluidity and how well balanced every element of the song is. It has a simple yet powerful meaning that was communicated in the vocals, the instrumentals and the lyrics.

Next, let’s look at the cover!

This cover was seen on The X Factor, a popular TV show in the U.S. that features talented artists who want to make it big.

Alex & Sierra are a duo who are also dating and were mentored by Simon Cowell on The X Factor. The two won the 3rd and final season of the show and were the first and only group to win the American version of the TV show. They have released 1 album and 1 EP.

While it’s pretty clear that Alex & Sierra are talented and blessed with amazing husky vocals that stand out when listening, the quality of their vocals just doesn’t exactly fit with the mood and tone of the instrumental and lyrics. Their cover of this song is quite similar to the original, with the exception of their voices – and because of that, it sounds almost like it but isn’t quite there. This cover also lacks the originality that most artists do for covers of popular songs.

This cover gets a 6/10 rating for me, because of the lack of originality.

What are your thoughts? Comment below!


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