Music Review: 3 Doors Down vs. Boyce Avenue

This week’s Music Review will feature 3 Doors Down and the cover by Boyce Avenue!

(This is a double post due to lack of Internet during spring break and last Friday)

Let’s listen to the original:

3 Doors Down is an American rock band that formed in 1996 and has continuously gone through member changes through the years. They have released 6 albums – one within the past year. The band’s genre of music was considered as a combination of post-grunge, hard rock, alternative rock, and alternative metal. The band was first formed in Mississippi and their albums have reached international fame and have been certified 6x platinum in the U.S.

This song in particular was a huge hit in the U.S. and abroad. This song is from 3 Doors Down’s first studio album The Better Life which was released in 2000 and became the 11th best-selling album of the year. Since it was such a huge hit overseas, the album was certified 6x platinum. It is the band’s best-selling album up to date with over 5 million copies sold in the U.S.

“Kryptonite” reached #3 on the “U.S. Hot 100” and #1 on the “U.S. Modern Rock” and the “U.S. Mainstream Rock” charts for several weeks in a row. This song certainly has that metal/punk rock feel with an addictive drumming rhythm that makes this song quite memorable. The vocals certainly give off a metal feel but the song isn’t super crazy metal. In fact, the guitar solo in the middle of the song is catchy, simple, and melodic – not crazy and flashy like some metal songs are.

This song gets a 7.5/10 rating from me because this song is more of a sample of metal/rock but isn’t too intense for the average listener. I can most certainly see some people not liking it but there’s no denying that the drumming rhythm is quite catchy.

Let’s move onto the cover!

Disclaimer: While this isn’t the same song, Boyce Avenue is covering 3 Doors Down, which is why I have included this song in this review.

Boyce Avenue is a Youtube band that has garnered much popularity from posting acoustic covers of popular songs. The band consists of brothers from Sarasota, Florida who started the band in 2004. They originally signed with Universal Republic Records but started their own independent record label called 3 Peace Records in August 2011. The band have frequently toured the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia and Southeast Asia throughout these past years.

To date, the band has over 2 billion views on Youtube and 9 million subscribers on their Youtube channel.  The band has also released 1 EP, 18 Cover EPs, 3 albums, 1 live album, and 6 singles since 2008.

The vocals in this song has simply gorgeous and clear timbre that completely reconstructs this song from its original metal/rock genre to acoustic. The guitar solo and accompaniment is simply gorgeous on the acoustic guitar and adds to the reconstruction of the original song. This rendition of the original is simple but brilliant. Even the addition of the cajon is simple yet brilliant. The improvised rhythm on the cajon is perfect for this cover and aids in the reconstructing of this song to be acoustic.

This cover gets a 9/10 rating from me because how well all of the musical elements reconstruct the song to a completely different genre that greatly appeals to the ears.

What are your thoughts? Comment below! 🙂



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