Music Mondays: “Chivalry Is Dead” by Trevor Wesley

This week’s Music Mondays will featuring Trevor Wesley’s “Chivalry Is Dead”.

Let’s take a listen!

Trevor Wesley is a singer-songwriter that released his debut album in 2015. His music is said to fall somewhere in between Justin Timberlake, Mike Posner, and Jason Mraz. One interesting thing about Wesley is that he grew up with a rich musical history in his family but struggled to learn music well because of his ADD. Despite this, he found ways to count, compose and play music. This song is what boosted Wesley into fame as not only his own upload of this song onto Youtube garnered much attention but Ian Eastwood’s choreography video (with this song, of course) reached over 10 million views, making this song even much more popular.

This song was released in 2015 and is a nice blend between pop and R&B. The lyrics are a bit different from the typical love song, which is a bit refreshing. Though the lyrics do sound a bit too confident (since he’s calling himself a gentleman and telling of all the great things he’ll do for her), it is certainly sweet and definitely much better than what is being sung in mainstream music today.

The instrumental is quite fun to listen as it has a mix of whistling, saxophones, synthesizer, snapping, etc. It certainly keeps the ear entertained through listening and its catchy beat makes the song memorable. Though it does seem to belong to the “mainstream”, it still hasn’t gained much attention since its release – though it certainly deserves much more attention for such a catchy, sweet song!

What are your thoughts? Comment below!


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