Music Review: “If I Ain’t Got You” Alicia Keys vs. Lauren Diaz

This week’s Music Review will feature Alicia Keys’ famous song “If I Ain’t Got You” with a cover of it taken from The Voice!

Let’s take a listen to the original!

Alicia Keys is an American singer-songwriter, record producer, pianist and actress that is quite well-known globally. Her debut album was released in 2001 which earned her first Billboard Hot 100 single and sold over 12 million copies globally. The following albums sold millions globally and garnered many Grammys. Keys has made a few appearances in TV shows and movies, and she is currently a coach on The Voice.

This song is from Alicia Keys’ 2nd studio album, The Diary of Alicia Keys, and was written in response to all of the historical events happening at the time (9/11 attacks, the death of R&B singer Aaliyah, etc.). This song would be considered a mix of R&B, soul, and blues. While the album reached #4 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart, this song received 2 Grammy nominations the year it was released (in addition to many other nominations from other music awards).

The song lyrics itself is quite powerful and speaks honestly to the heart. In addition to the honest lyrics, you can clearly the emotions in Keys’ voice as she sings with conviction. Aside from that, Keys’ vocal range and power shines through this song as it tests her vocal limit – and boy, does she pass it! Keys’ voice has a bit of a husky quality to it that works to her advantage as it makes her singing sound “raw”.

Rating: 9/10.  It’s quite rare to find a popular song with lyrics like these and a singer that sings with such conviction and emotion like Alicia Keys.

Let’s now move onto the cover from The Voice!

Lauren Diaz is a contestant that went on The Voice in hopes of kickstarting her singing career with Alicia Keys as her coach on the show. Luck was on her side as she did manage to do all these things. In addition, she got engaged right after this audition and is now happily married with 2 sons.

Diaz doesn’t stray too far from the original and it definitely works in her favor, seeing as she won Alicia Keys’ heart from the very start. Her vocalizations are quite impressive and this song displays her vocal power and range quite well. She definitely shows the right song to sing as it suits her voice and displays the best of her vocal ability.

Rating: 8/10. This cover displays not only vocal power but the amazing vocal range of the singer.

Don’t agree with my ratings? Let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear your feedback!


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