Just a few things about me:

I love music. (I entered college as a Music major)

I love coffee.

I named this website as “MusicalCoffee” not only because I like both music and coffee, but I think that music is similar to coffee in the sense that there are many different genres/types that either suit people’s tastes or don’t.

I like certain types of coffee and I don’t like certain types of coffee, just like how I like certain types of music and I don’t like certain types of music. However, I typically don’t hate on a certain genre of music just because I don’t like it – I simply regard it as something not for me, but still is music in some way.

The purpose of this website/blog is so that we can explore a variety of musical genres and get a taste of the world through its music. Some tastes and genres may be great – some may not. I may not have an amazing background in music theory – but I have taken way too many music history classes to know tons of musical genres. Hopefully that makes me somewhat credible…

If you don’t like what I post, that’s great -feedback is welcomed! My hope in having this website/blog here is to expose myself to new music, to stretch my writing abilities, and to combine two things that I really love – music and writing.




Comment Policy:

Spammers are not allowed and will be blocked if they continue to build up traffic on my website. Hateful comments are not allowed as well; opinions can be expressed but they are not to be expressed in a condoning or hateful way that is targeting a specific group of people. Those who are expressing any hatred against a specific group of people will be blocked from commenting on any of my posts.